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A Production Database Reducer implementation is a database schema and stored procedures, tables, views and user defined data types under it.

The objects above have to be installed.
This is could be happen by an interactive java installer while it runs and does the installation into the specified database by answers questioned by our installer.

(The PDR isntaller creates connection into the database.
The min.1.5 jre and the jdbc driver are required but do not included in the installer package!)




The exact requirements of the installation of Production Database Reducer are:


  • The implementation which is installable into your RDBMS
  • The specific RDBMS at least on the following versions:
    • Postgresql : 8
    • Db2 : 9
    • Mssql : 10
    • Oracle : 11
  • Java runtime environment, min.1.5
  • The JDBC driver of the RDBMS with correct version number
  • In case of clent side installation, network access to the database server

The Production Database Reducer can be used for database size reduction inside your corporation without any restriction of number and size of databases and time limits.


To use, you have to login with the new database user and use the stored procedures and make configuration by DBA and operators detailed in the installer package to create the database with reduced size and valid data.
The original tables will be untuched!

The Postgresql implementation is an exception: the export and import functions have to be executed by a login of another superuser.

If we have the test tables, an export routine sends them into the filesystem.

You have to install this same PDR into the empty database copy of the source database, and then you have to run the PDR with different configuration: the test tables from the filesystem will be imported into the test database in this way.
The PDR also makes the statistic recalculations and the index rebuilds to help to the DBA.



The working of the PDR can be modified by its parameters which can be changed by the stored procedures to do that. The exact ways to doing this are introduced in the documents included in the installer package.


Because the Production Database Reducer is a corporate secret, the installer package contains the create SQLs in an encrypted format. These will be decrypted during the installation using the entered key got in SMS.
After installation, the source is readable by the authorized database users, but the soure code is an obfuscated version of the original source code by corporations and implementations.

(It is forbidden to develop, introduce its part or the whole to third party and to reverse engineer of the content of the Production Database Reducer installer package)