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The limitations of the Production Database Reducer are:
the maximum size of


  • a where condition of a table is 4000 characters,
  • a database username is 30 characters,
  • a log entry is 4000 characters,
  • a generated SQL command is 4000 characters,
  • an SQL error message is 1000 characters,
  • a schema name is 30 characters,
  • a table name is 30 characters,
  • a field name is 30 characters,
  • a field type 50 characters,
  • the field names concatenated and separated by ',' is 1000 characters,
  • the same as typed is 3000 characters,
  • the export-import directory (dir name in Oracle, a path in the others) is 300 characters.






  • the size of the database to reduce,
  • the number of tables,
  • the number of schemas,
  • the number of the generated SQL commands.


The Production Database Reducer can apply every datatypes supported by the database system during the test data creation, there is no restriction to this.

(For example, the copy functions has been implemented by java stored procedures in the Oracle implementation to bypass the PL/SQL limitations and can copy older, only backward compatibility data types.)

The Production Database Reducer does not consider the logic of the application, and creates the reduced sized test tables only from the source tables and given conditions.

If there are tables having not foreign key but application logic relationships, we have to give exact conditions to these tables.