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A method after which execution the data contained by the database can not be linked to a person.

There are several ways to do this.

The PrDaRe implements the depersonalization in the below described way.
After the creation of the new small tables, it depersonalizes the data of all of these little tables by running an SQL statement.
The data of the possible columns will be randomly mixed up table by table and column by column.

According to the definition above and the real practise the method detailed above does work.
We have ensured during the implementation of the depersonalization mostly to let the usage of this functionality as simple as possible, paying attention to have the smaller dataset without any constraint violation!

To have the depersonalized data subset we have to execute the statement below after the execution of all of the data creator SQLs:
We have to wait until it is done and we have no further action to do.
The result of this is a well mixed up dataset which is usable for example by supplier.

More configuration to do is possibe (whether a column will be a part of the depersonalization or not) but not necessary. More detailed information is avaliable as a part of the documentation contained by the installer package.