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  • Selecting a subset of data from the source database without key violation.
  • Oracle, Mssql, Db2, Postgresql implementations:
      (Schema into the database, and under it:
      stored procedures and functions, tables, sequences, datatypes).
  • Supported database versions:
      Oracle: 11 , 12
      Mssql: 10 , 11 , 12 , 13
      Db2: 9 , 10 , 11
      Postgresql: 8 , 9
  • Data depersonalization is now available in all of the implementations.
  • The newer version will be sent automatically to our eligible customers.
  • Interactive command line installer:
    according to the information given by answering the questions the installer will install the implementation into the database.
    Upgrade is possible when the 3rd number of the version number is changed.
    Possible to install and uninstall with it.
  • Build automatically the table and field information data.
  • Foreign key informations by single selects, calculating foreign groups.
    Possible to give user defined foreign keys.
    It can detect 1-1 and 2-2 foreign keys.
  • Export-import functionality to handle test data.
    It will rebuild statistics after data import.
  • Simple to use: by single SQL commands.
    Info and report calling: feedback about the running.
  • Whole tree!
      if we have a record that is a part of a tree (for example part of an xml),
      then we will find the whole tree and we will get that.
    Number of random records and specific table conditions are acceptable.
    The process of the data generating can be interrupted.
  • Oracle: the data copy is done by java stored procedure as needed
    (binary data, big data, old datatypes, etc.)
  • Admin functions and procedures to operate it comfortably.
    Generates the necessary select SQL grant commands.
    The operating of the program is modifiable by its parameters.
  • Fully logged into log table.