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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


I have got an error while submitting the support form. What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience, you can resend your message to the address
support dot prdare at kisscodesystems dot com

I do not want to buy the rights of using your product. Can I have the Prdare as
a service from you by special-order contracts?

The Prdare is not avaliable as a service at this moment.

I payed the purchase price but I did not get the Prdare software!

You will get the installer package by e-mail and the key by SMS within 1 workday
after your purchase. Every installer package and key made is unique and there
are manual needs to be done in the process. This is the reason of we ask you
this little transit time. Please contact us if you still not have the installer
package and/or the key of Prdare and you wait more than 1 workday after your

Your program has caused a lever. Can I get compensation?

If it can be proven that the damage is because of using our software despite you
used it as described in the documentation contained in the installation package,
yes of corse. We recommend that do not grant any other privileges to the new
schema user created by our installer program, except the select privilege on
tables you would like to select into your testing database! The Postgresql
implementation is an exception: only the export and the import procedures need
superuser privileges so these processes can be executed by another user (a

Do you have money back garantee payment terms?

No, we cannot garantee your money back if you are dissatisfied about the
Production Database Reducer. If you have the installer package soon after the
amount due we have no tool to prevent using the software. However, we are
planning long-term partnerships so we have no interest to sell a software
product which may can dissatisfy our customers. Please be informed and do not
hesitate to ask your questions before purchasing! It is our pleasure to help
our prospective customers!

In cases of software bug or implemented new features, deserve we the update?

Automatically in the first year after the purchase and after that if the
maintenance fee described in the license agreement has been paid. If our any
customer do a feedback about a bug and we fix it, then the generated new version
is deserved by our every customers above, the new version of the PDR will be
sent. Also after the new improvements.

What is the meaning of the version number of the PDR?

The initial version number is the following:
The first and the second number will be changed by larger improvements, the
third will be incremented after little improvements and bug fixes only.

What is the possibility of the upgrade according to the version number?

The upgrade is possible only after the change of the third number of the PDR
version number. If the first or second number of the version number will be
changed, the upgrade will be possible only by run a full uninstall and an
install process to achieve the higher PDR version. In this last case, we have to
break the process of the database reduction, and we have to start it over
after we have the newer PDR version. In the first case (upgrade, not fully
uninstall and install), we can continue the database reducer process.

Is there a trial version of the PDR?

No, it is not.
The reduction of the database is implemented or not in a software. There is no
such a thing that almost. And, the source code will be sent after the purchasing
of the license fee so we are not planning to develop an "almost workable"
implementation with download and use openly.

Why the data depersonalization capable is not a different software product?

There are strong connections between database services for supplier or any third
party and the database size reduction process of any purpose. In our opinion,
this is absolutely correct to build the data depersonalization functionality
into the PDR. In this way, this huge functionality is now available at the same
license fee and this function is available for our customers automatically from

Are there any security vulnerability in the PDR?

The (obfuscated) source code is available for our customers after the purchase
so instead of our statements the customers can make their own security code
review or malicious code searching according to the license agreement (inside
corporation only, third party cannot know the the original or obfuscated source
code or documentation of the PDR).

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