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Our most important plans to do will be as follows.




Open mind.

This is our pleasure if we can improve our product by really useful functions for our customers!

New implementations.

If there are any claims, we will implement the PrDaRe into other databases.

Universal program.

We are going to implement a program that is for handle all of the databases having jdbc-odbc drivers.
Now, the implementations are installable into specific databases. We are planning to make a platform and database independent version of PrDaRe.

Depersonalize. > done, implemented! (october, 2016)
A method after which execution the data contained by the database can not be linked to a person.

The testing database have to be depersonalized usually by law, compilance.
Especially, if the data is also accessible by third party (for example supplier).
As a result, the depersonalize of the testing database can be done immediately if we configure that.

Central test data management.

The Production Database Reducer is able to do the reduction of databases in a separate way at this moment.
(During integration tests, it is important to have meeting data in the separate test databases!)
Giving the cross-database conditions are avaliable (giving the same conditions to the tables located in different databases), but we would like to give the possibilities to manage this cross-database conditions in a more efficient way.
Besides, the generated test data would be, selectable, filterable, etc. on one place.


If there are any claims, we will implement a graphical frontend making it more usable to wider roles.