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The order process of the Production Database Reducer are the following steps.

  1. You fill the order form, know and accept the license conditions, and then send the form.
    After the submitting, you have no commitment, the license agreement will be effective after the purchase.
  2. You soon have a confirmation about your order by an e-mail message to the e-mail address given during the first order.
    Automatated e-mail.
  3. Shortly, you get an e-mail message to the given e-mail address.
    You have the bank account where you have to pay the purchase price. If you do not pay within 4 weeks, your order will be cancelled.
  4. You pay the purchase price with the specified data will be sent you by the previous e-mail.
    This is the time to be the license agreement effective.
  5. You will get the following things via e-channels within 1 workday after the arriving of the purchase price:
    • the invoice exhibited by the data given during the order
      (as an attachment of e-mail)
    • the Production Database Reducer package you ordered
      (also as an attachment of the e-mail above)
      the package can be verified using this program: jarsigner
    • the key needed by installation
      (as an SMS message to the phone given during your order).

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questioins about our Production Database Reducer product or the order process!

It is our pleasure to hep you!