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We will send a package to your company as an e-mail attachment by order the Production Database Reducer.
This will contain the follows:

  • The ordered implementations(s) (folder(s) named by the RDBMS)
  • PdrInstaller.class (java installer)
  • Documentation:
    • PDRFAQ.txt (Frequently Asked Questions, the latest version)
    • PDRGuideInstall.txt (PDR install guide)
    • PDRGuideUsage.txt (PDR usage guide)
    • PDRLicenseAgreement.txt (PDR license agreement has been accepted).

The jre and the jdbc drivers (needed by the installer) are not included in the package!

The documentation above is readable easy in command line environment.

The create SQLs (in implementation folders) are not readable, because they are encrypted.
The key needed by the installer will be send to the mobile phone given during the order.