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The Production Database Reducer (PDR) License:


Production Database Reducer (hereinafter referred to as: Prdare, PDR, Software)
Software licence contract, which was concluded by and between
KissCode Systems Kft.
(hereinafter referred to as: Software Owner)
and the company that employs directly the person, who accepts the present
licence contract
(hereinafter referred to as: Customer)
(hereinafter referred to as: Contracting Parties) at the moment of the
settlement of the Purchase Price (see: below).

1. Definitions.

1.1. Software:
The source code of the Production Database Reducer software and its
complete documentation, also including the specific Prdare software
instances installed at the Customer.

1.2. Third Party:
All those other persons or companies and their direct employees, which
are other than the Contracting Parties of the present licence contract.
In the present licence contract e.g. a parent company or a subsidiary
company is classified a Third Party. An outside company assigned by the
company accepting the present licence contract and each of its employees
are classified Third Parties.

1.3. Obfuscated source code:
A distorted version of the source code of a software, which implements a
functionality that is identical with the functionality of the original
one, however the source codes of this kind contain uninterpretable
names. This solution is suitable to significantly hinder the
understanding of the operation of the given software.

1.4. Purchase Price:
The licence fee to be paid by the given company for the
implementation(s) of the given Software, which also contains the
complete maintenance for the first year of the given Software

1.5. Lifecycle of the Software:
The period during which the Software Owner provides maintenance for the
Software. During this period the entitled Customers get maintenance,
that is, new versions of the Software.

2. General provisions.

2.1. Present licence contract regulates the possibility of Customer using all
the intellectual and other products that are connected to the Software, and
it contains the rights and obligations of the Customer, and also the rights
and obligations of the Software Owner.

2.2. If Customer does not agree to the contents of present licence contract,
then it may not install and may not use in any other manner, moreover it may
not make available to any Third Party the Software or its documentation
either partially or in its entirety.

2.3. The Software owner retains all the rights that are not explicitly
transferred to the Customer in present licence contract. Everything that is
not expressly allowed for the Customer within the licence contract in
connection with the Software, its documentation and specific installation is

2.4. Present licence contract will come into effect:
the moment Customer pays the Purchase Price that is to be paid to the
Software Owner for the usage right of the Software (as soon as the total
amount of the Purchase Price arrives to the bank account of the Software
and it will lose its effect:
at the end of the last day of the lifecycle of the Software.

2.5. Customer accepts that Software Owner will forward the Software and the
invoice that is created after the payment of the usage right fee to the
Customer in an electronic way.

2.6. Customer acknowledges and agrees that it will get the given Software
implementation in the form of an issue that is obfuscated both by
implementations and even by Customers. Software Owner guarantees that the
specific obfuscated source code operate the same way as the original Software
of identical versions that the Software Owner has.

3. Maintenance.

3.1. Software Owner will provide the maintenance of the Software for the
Customers entitled to it as follows.

3.2. The period of maintenance, that is, the lifecycle of the Software lasts
from the day when the Software is released until at least 1 year after the
due date of the payment of the last annual maintenance fee paid by any of the
Customers or after a new Customer purchases the Software.

3.3. Maintenance means the provision of the following for the entitled

3.3.1. Sending automatically those newer versions of the Software to the
entitled Customers, which implement the bug fixes of the Software and/or the
newly developed functionalities. The bug fixes and the newly developed
Software functions may be based on the feedback provided by any of the
Customers, and each entitled Customer will get the new Software version.

3.3.2. Client management corresponding to the below detailed SLA.

4. Licence and maintenance fees.

4.1. Licence fees.

4.1.1. Customer has to pay a licence fee as the price of the usage right of
the Software. Customer will do this at the time of purchase. Customer will
get the Software after the licence fee is fully paid to the Software Owner.

4.1.2. The Software may be made available through a licence, but it cannot be
purchased. Customer by paying the licence fee of the Software will get the
right to use the Software in line with the contents of the present licence
contract and the documentation that is attached to the installation package
of the Software. However the Software itself, and the parts of the
installation package and the other Software related documents and the
intellectual product representing it will remain fully the property of the
Software Owner.

4.1.3. The Customer by paying the licence fee gets a right to use the
Software in line with the contents of present licence contract as regards
those implementations for which it paid the licence fee on the occasion of
the purchase. The Customer will pay first the licence fee (Purchase Price),
then the Software Owner will forward the ordered Software implementations to
the Customer after the arrival of the Purchase Price to the Software Owner,
but within the response time corresponding to the below detailed SLA through
the below detailed channels in line with the data that are provided by the
Customer on the occasion of the purchase.

4.1.4. A Customer may purchase a licence for a given Software implementation
only on one occasion, that is, it is not possible for the same Customer to
order again the very same Software implementation. If in spite of this, this
would happen, it will not be possible to perform the given order, and if it
will be possible to perform it, the Software Owner will inform the Customer
about this fact. The Software Owner will return to the Customerwithin 30 days
the licence fee that may have been paid for such erroneous orders.

4.1.5. The counter-value of the licence fee payable at the time of purchase
contains the following. The perpetual usage right of the given version of the Software
implementations until the end of the lifecycle of the Software according to
the present licence contract, and after the lifecycle of the Software the
present licence contract will not applicable. Full maintenance for the duration of 1 year after the purchase. The extension of the lifecycle of the Software with 1 year.

4.2. Maintenance fees.

4.2.1. Customer may optionally pay a maintenance fee.

4.2.2. The Purchase Price contains the maintenance fee for the first year
after the given purchase, Customer does not have to pay for it separately.
Customer is entitled to use full maintenance for 1 year after its purchase,
which is detailed in Point 3 of present Licence Contract.

4.2.3. It is possible to pay for maintenance for 1 year periods, these 1 year
supported periods may be periods that are after the first year that follows
the purchase. The product maintenance services that may be used are given in
detail in Point 3 of present licence contract.

4.2.4. The due date of paying the maintenance fee is that calendar day of
each year after the purchase, on which calendar day the given purchase took
place. If the maintenance fees are paid until these due dates after the given
purchase continuously by the given Customer, then Customer is entitled to use
the maintenance of the Software for another 1 year after the given due date.

4.2.5. If the payment of the maintenance fee of the Software had been made
towards the Software Owner continuously, but it was not made until the
subsequent due date, then Customer is not entitled to the maintenance of the
Software starting with the given due date. The given annual Software
maintenance fee is payable at any time in the given year in order to restore
the right of using the maintenance. After paying it Customer will be entitled
to receive maintenance again until the subsequent due date.

4.2.6. If the payment of the maintenance fee of the Software to the Software
Owner was done for the last time more than 1 year previously, and the
Customer would like to get back its right to use the maintenance of the
Software, then Customer has to pay the annual maintenance fee corresponding
to the Purchase Price involved in its purchase multiplied with the number of
entire years that have passed between the date of purchase or the due date of
the last paid maintenance fee (the date that was later of the two) and the
current time. This way the Customer will be again entitled to get maintenance
until the subsequent due date.

4.2.7. It is possible to get an update only for the most recent Software
versions with the payment of the maintenance fees, it is not possible get it
for interim versions (that are between the most recent Software versions the
Software Owner has and the most recent Software versions that the Customer

4.2.8. After the end of the lifecycle of the Software Customers do not have
to pay an annual maintenance fee, since at this time already no maintenance
is due for the Software, as the counter-value of the annual maintenance fee.
The paid in maintenance fees in this case will be re-transferred by the
Software Owner to the Customer within 30 days.

4.3. With the Software orders of new Customers and with the payment of the
maintenance fees by the previous Customers the Software owner will
automatically extend the lifecycle of the Software for 1 year after the due
date of the given fee payment.

4.4. A given licence fee or maintenance fee may be considered paid, if the
entire amount of the given fee has arrived to the bank account of the
Software Owner. Fee payments received only partially are not classified as
the payment of the given fee. This kind of fee items that are settled only
partially the Software Owner will retransfer after the expiry of 30 days to
those bank accounts, from which the given item has arrived to the bank
account of the Software Owner.

4.5. The extent of the licence fees and maintenance fees depends exclusively
from the number of implementations that had been ordered on the occasion of
the given purchase.

4.6. The current licence fees and maintenance fees of the Software are
available at the following websites:

5. Usability of the Software

5.1. Software Owner warrants that no Third Party has any right that would
limit the usability of the Software, the entire Software is the property of
the Software Owner.

5.2. The Software may be used without any time and database number
limitations for the creation of reduced sized databases, in the case of the
databases that are owned by Customer and which exist at the premises of

5.3. The Software may be viewed and used only by the direct employees of the
Customer for reducing the sizes of the databases of the Customer.

5.4. Based on present licence contract the Software cannot be transferred,
cannot be resold, and cannot be handed over to any parent company or
subsidiary or any other Third Party. A parent company or subsidiary within
the licence contract cannot be considered to be one company with the Customer
or the part of the company.

5.5. It is forbidden to disclose the Software to any Third Party either
partly or in its entirety, and the Software cannot be published, since all
other legal or natural persons or companies - beyond the Software Owner and
the direct employees of the Customer - are classified Third Parties.

5.6. The Software cannot be used for Customer for reselling the database size
reduction functionalities implemented by Prdare, as a service, by running it.

5.7. It is forbidden to reverse engineer the software for getting acquainted
with its operation and it is forbidden for Customer to further develop it.
The development of the new, still non-existing functions of the Software and
fixing the software bugs explored within the Software implementations are the
exclusive rights of Software Owner. It is allowed to modify the operation of
the Software exclusively with the procedures and functions that are defined
for this purpose, which procedures and functions are parts of the Software
installation package and which are introduced into the database with the
installation of the Software. The Software installation package delivered to
Customer contains the documentation of these functions.

5.8. The Software is classified the business secret of the Software Owner and
it is under copyright protection. It is forbidden for Customer to disclose
the entire Software or any arbitrary part of it. Moreover, Customer is
obliged to ensure that no Third Party will be able to access and get
acquainted with any part of the Software.

5.9.The Software may be installed and the running of the Software may be done
exclusively by Customer, without the involvement of any Third Party: A Third
Party may be let into the databases of Customer with any authorisation only
when none of the components of the Software is included in these databases.
If a Third Party has access to a given database of the Customer, then it is
forbidden to install the Software into that database. In this case first the
login authorisation to the given database of the Third Party has to be
revoked, and subsequently after using and removing the Software the revoked
login authorisation may be given back to the Third Party.

6. Service Level Agreement (SLA).

6.1. The Software Owner undertakes that it will ensure the lifecycle of the
Software and thus its maintenance for minimum 1 year after the present

6.2. The following service levels are due to the Customer during the effect
of present licence contract and the future Customer on the occasion of

6.2.1. Automatic response letter concerning the order:

6.2.2. E-mail, providing information on the settlement of the Purchase Price:
1 working day.

6.2.3. Sending the software to the Customer (package + key):
1 working day after the receipt of the complete Purchase Price.

6.2.4. Processing of the comment, feedback:
3 working days.

6.2.5. Fixing the Software bug:
3-10 working days depending on the nature of the bug.

6.2.6. Software updating right for the given Software implementation
During the entire lifecycle of the product, it is provided
Customer-by-Customer provided they are entitled to maintenance.

6.2.7. It is possible to keep contact in connection with the
Software through email address:

7. Guarantee, compensation, exclusion of liability.

7.1. Software Owner undertakes that the Software will operate in line with
the documentation that is included in the installation package during the
entire lifecycle of the Software. If a Software bug will be experienced, the
Software Owner will examine the bug within the response time that is
stipulated in the SLA, and it will prepare and send the new Software version
containing the bug fix to each entitled Purchaser that purchased the usage
right of the given Software implementation. Moreover the Software Owner
undertakes to complete the bug fixes and new developments that are started
during the lifecycle of the Software and will deliver them to the entitled

7.2. The Software Owner may exclusively be obliged to pay financial
compensation, if it can be proven that the damage was caused in the database
of Customer during the running of the Software and Customer used the Software
in line with the documentations that are attached to the Software
installation package. The extent of compensation in this case is maximum
3.000.000 HUF and for maximum on 1 occasion.

7.3. The Software Owner does not undertake any guarantee for damages that are
due to an accident or other improper usage that does not correspond to the
software documentations. In these cases the Software Owner may not be obliged
to provide compensation.

7.4. The Software Owner does not undertake licence fee or maintenance fee
refunding guarantee due to dissatisfaction experienced in respect of the
Software or due to any other reason.

7.5. The Software Owner does not undertake liability for possible delays that
are between the actual posting of the fee payment and its receipt, and which
are due to the bug or proper operation of other forwarding channels,
companies and/or financial institutions.

7.6. The Software Owner reserves itself the right to decide whether it will
develop the given new Software functionality requested by the Customer or
not. The Software Owner will repair the proven faulty operation of the
Software in reach case and it will make available the bug fix to the
Customers as it is detailed above.

8. Customer and Software Owner read and irrevocably accepted fully the above,
and they acknowledge that the aboveconditions are binding them.