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Our thoughts about the N Queens problem.

This popular problem has inspired us so we have implemented a solution for this. A logic was born which is able to search for good placings of rooks and bishops as well as of queens. Good placings of super and the awesome ( created by us ) chess figures are also searchable, and the familiar problem called N Queens Completion problem can be done too.
The point of this solution is using a precalculated attacking map and carrying the usable ( not under attack ) positions to do the loops on them. Thus, the running time of the calculation can be decreased dramatically and the tendency too but this is not so much.

9 in 1 solution which can be called using 9 parameters in this order:

  • 0 mode (original,improved,testing)
  • 1 dimension (a positive integer)
  • 2 pieces (queen,rook,bishop)
  • 3 kinds (regular,super,awesome)
  • 4 hits (ordered,all,first)
  • 5 threads (a positive integer)
  • 6 uniques (no,yes)
  • 7 log (no,info,debug)
  • 8 placings (ints separated by , char)

The runnable jar file is downloadable from github.
Example callings:

  • java -jar NqProblem.jar
  • java -jar NqProblem.jar o 10
  • java -jar NqProblem.jar i 13 q s f 1 n n 166,2,18

Further information about using this program can be read here in pdf or txt formats.

Is it possible to create fast program to solve this problem? No, by our opinion ( pdf or txt ).
This question is related to the P != NP assumption which is one of the millennium problems.

NqProblem on github.