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The next one is also a java_in_command_line tool, helps us to connect into multiple databases.

Its initial version can be seen in the presentation of the Prdare database reducer software. Therefore, the currently supported databases of Prdare are available to use in MyDbConns.

Multiple databases even having different types are available to connect into at the same time. The queries can be run in separate threads so the user can work continuously and the results of the sql queries can be seen or saved into several formats later.

The method of building the database connection is using the
which does not support the character based passwords sadly, it uses string password. So, it cannot be nicely done to store database passwords in mutable objects to be able to remove them when they are not necessary to be in the system memory. And, ssl encrypted connections are recommended to use to avoid password leakage on the network.

MyDbConns on github.